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On a Couples Cruise, we bring some of the best adult entertainment in the world. On a normal cruise, the entertainers have to keep their shows “G Rated” because of the kids on board and will usually have one “R Rated” show (usually at midnight) during the week. Because we do not have any kids on board (only adults acting like children), we can hire the best comedians, Piano players, hypnosis shows, Burlesque performers that will cater to our crowd.




One of the most popular things we do on board a Couples Cruise is our Theme Parties. Whether it’s a Mardi Gras Ball, White Party, Sexy Pajama Party or a Super Hero Costume Ball, our passengers like to dress up like every night is Halloween.

You certainly don’t have to dress up or wear a costume, in fact, you can just people watch and you will be amazed by the creativity and pure sexiness of our passengers (but it is fun to participate).



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One of the things that we are really proud of, is our educations tracks on board Couples Cruises. we have seminars and classes where you can learn skills, how to communicate better and how to be a better partner.

Couples have told us that they had fun, but that their lives were changed by our seminars and workshops and that their relationships are stronger.




Couples Cruises are not “Nude Cruises” but you can go topless or nude if you want.

We are often asked “What is the difference between a Couples Cruise and a nude cruise (like Bare Necessities)?” On a nude cruise, people can go naked almost anywhere on the ship, on a Couples Cruise, nudity is restricted to the main pool and sun decks. If you can lay out and get a tan, go swimming or in a hot tub, then you can be topless or even nude.

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we put together a series of Meet & Greets so you can meet other with the same interest. Are you into BDSM? There is a Meet & Greet so you can meet other “kinky couples”. There is Meet & Greets for nudists, International couples (in Spanish and French), Burning man, past cruises, cigar lovers, bondage, photography and many more.

and we have Regular and Naked Speed Dating socials where you can meet other couples and get to know them better in under two minutes.